By The Bunch Not The Box

SunGlow Flowers has the freshest California grown flowers at wholesale prices. We sell flowers in the small quantities you need. No more buying large quantities when you only require one! Whatever your style; classy to farmhouse chic, modern to enchanted, beach or offbeat. We have the experience, knowledge and passion to guide your DIY venture beautifully as well as economically. Perfection does not have to be expensive! 417-581-2328.

Our Featured California Flower

Oriental Lily

Oriental Lilies have large beautiful blooms with and a sweet fragrance. Oriental Lilies have an excellent vase life making them a classic exquisite flower for any occasion. Used as long stem bouquets by themselves or mixed with any other types of flowers make them a seasoned popular flower. The blooms are also used in bridal work. They are a year round flower grown in California, Mexico, South America and Holland. They grow in many shades of pink, white, red and many pink/white varieties.

Packed by the 10 stem bunch. 


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