Flower Preparation

For proper flower preparation follow these steps.

Upon arrival inspect your flowers for quality issues. Contact us at sales@sunglowflowers.com promptly with any concerns about flower preparation.

Certain flowers will have special instructions on the wrapping. Follow them.

Remove any foliage that will be under water.

Fill storage buckets 25% full with tap water and flower food purchased at a craft store. Follow the instructions on the packet.

With a sharp knife or clippers (not scissors) cut off ¼ inch” of stem and place in water immediately.

Rewrap the flowers and leave the wrapping on for a minimum of 1 hour to ensure your stems stay straight.

Store your flowers in a cool place out of the direct sun light.

If using your kitchen refrigerator don’t store flowers in the back, this is usually the coldest spot. Also, the drawers might be too cold. Ideally, your church or venue will have coolers for you to store your flowers.

Storing Finished Product

Bridal bouquets should be returned to cold water with flower food added. Frequent misting will keep the blooms hydrated. Add ribbon or wrapping to your bouquets just before they are to be used. Ribbons and bows will become floppy from moisture and stem wrap will get wet when storing your finished product.

Corsages and boutonnieres should be misted and stored in plastic bags. Blow up the bag till it doesn’t touch the blooms. Cool storage is recommended.

DIY Checklist

Watch a “how to make a bridal bouquet” YouTube video.
Knife, clipper and wire cutter
Floral tape and wire. 24 gage wire recommended
Misting bottle
Plastic bags
Check refrigerator temperature
Inquire about church and venue cooler space
Have fun and take lots of pictures!

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