Mini Calla Lilies


Sold by the Bunch.

1 = 10 stems
2 = 20 stems
3 = 30 stems



Mini Calla lilies are very popular in many styles of bridal designs. They can be used in casual and formal wedding bouquets. Calla flowers clumped together and wrapped with ribbon or burlap to create a bouquet is very popular with DIY brides. Mini Calla lilies are grown in over 25 different colors. Some colors include, peach, purple, mango orange, yellow, hot pink and cream. Long lasting blooms with a vase life of 14 days plus. Grown in the USA, Holland, New Zealand, Chile and Colombia.
Packed 10 stem per bunch.

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Orange, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Lavender, White, Yellow, Dark Yellow, Mango, Purple/White


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