Pom Pons


Sold by the Bunch.

1 = 5 stems
2 = 10 stems
3 = 15 stems



Pom pon mums are chrysanthemums that branch at the top and contain 5 – 7 flowers on a long stem. Each flower can be cut off the main stem and used in short arrangements or the whole stem may be used for tall designs. Like carnations Pom Pons are a very good value. Petal variations include solid or cushion, daisy with yellow center, button smaller round blooms and spider petals. Basic colors, white, yellow, green, lavender, purple, pink, browns and bronzes and orange. Also many variegated varieties are available to choose from.
Packed average 5 stems per bunch.

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Daisy, Button, Cushion, Spider


White, Yellow, Gold, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Lavender


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